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Music for heckelphone

From Richard Strauss and Paul Hindemith to Graham Waterhouse and Paul Winter, many composers have written, and continue to write, for the heckelphone. Since May 2020, I've been working with noted heckelphone player and scholar, Peter Hurd, on a new edition of his extensive repertoire collection for heckelphone and bass oboe. In December 2020, our first revised and extended edition has been completed, which contains all pieces for heckelphone, bass oboe and lupophone we have been able to find (or find evidence of), with links to recordings whenever they could be located. Of course, I am quite certain that this list, extensive though it is, is far from complete. Please let us know if you know of any pieces that are missing, or if you find any incorrect information.

Heckelphone / bass oboe repertoire

Some well-known or noteworthy compositions for heckelphone:


Film music / soundtracks

The heckelphone is also used in film music, including the soundtracks for: